Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

"Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is a non-profit organization that raises funds for more than 170 children's hospitals. We are the only national children's charity committed to having 100% of the funds raised stay local to support local kids."

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals...

  • Treat over 17 million patients each year.

  • Treat 98% of all children needing heart or lung transplants.

  • Treat 88% of all children with cancer.

  • Treat 76% of all children with cystic fibrosis

  • Treat 90% of all children with sickle cell anemia.

  • Treat 72% of all children with pediatric AIDS.

  • Train 60% of all pediatricians and 80% of all pediatric specialists.

  • Educate families and communities about issues like child safety seats, bike helmets and bicycle safety.

  • Provide $2.5 billion in charity (uncompensated) care each year.

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St. Luke's children's hospital

"Children have very different healthcare needs than adults. That’s why St. Luke’s Children’s has created a network of medical experts that specialize in caring for kids—from birth all the way to adulthood. 

We’re home to Idaho’s only children’s hospital, and our wide range of specialty outpatient clinics—in areas such as pediatric cardiology, neurosurgery, oncology, gastroenterology, and many more—offer families the greatest depth, breadth, and concentration of children’s health resources in Idaho. 

We also regularly bring additional visiting specialists to Idaho and host clinics throughout the state to bring the very best in children’s care, close to home."

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Idaho Elk’s children’s pavilion

“Designed to meet the needs of kids, their families, and the people who care for them, the state-of-the-art facility will more than double our clinical space and improve vital services that keep care close to home. It will bring most of our pediatric specialists and services under one roof, allowing us to provide care more efficiently and easing the burden on parents and kids who will now be able to see several providers in one location in one day.”

To learn more about the amazing project Boise State Dance Marathon has been contributing to over the past four years, click here!

Our Champions

Webster's Dictionary defines a champion as a warrior or a fighter. By this definition, the kids of St. Luke's Children's Hospital, are nothing short of champions. They have inspired us year after year, treatment after treatment, with their endless love, support, and smiles.

Each year, Boise State Dance Marathon chooses a handful of kids being treated at St. Luke's to be our champions for the year. We spend all year raising money for our champions, who come to the event to share their stories that encourage us to keep dancing. Dance Marathon is something that these kids look forward to all year long, which motivates us to do the same. Dance Marathon affects the lives of our champions and our champion families, but the effect that the champions and their families have on all those involved is even greater.

Their constant battles inspire us to continue to work towards building them a better future and to continue to raise money, support, and awareness for St. Luke's.

Dance Marathon is the one night of the year that our champions and their families get to come have fun, forget the stresses of life, and just focus on being a kid.

We dance for Abby, Annalise, Brenna, Gabby, Gracy, Hannah, hadley, Jarrett, Kean, Mia, Noah, Prescott, Riley, Sam, Spencer, Tessa, Vann, and Zeke.