Giving thanks has become the catch 22 of DM this holiday season. While giving thanks becomes a comforting idea for most, acting on it is only a priority for few. The buzz of finals celebrations, GPA calculating, and super senior graduations can be occupying around this time of year. Who can blame students for a little self indulgence? After all, it is the holidays. So, just how can students give thanks this holiday and why should it matter?  

We think one way to start celebrating thanks is by making a promise; a promise to be a reason for someone else to give thanks every day. We thank you for designated driving on the weekends, holding down a spot in the innovation lab for your squad, and retweeting DJ Khaled’s words of wisdom. These actions bring us together each day in a wonderful web of thanksgiving. And for this, we appreciate you.

Beyond our appreciation for these worthy acts of praise, we’re truly thankful for those who make Dance Marathon a reality for the children of St. Luke's. Those who give back offer everyone a reason to celebrate thanks and an even greater reason to reach $80,000 for St. Luke's Children's Hospital. This is why we believe giving thanks matters.

Will you be a cause for someone else to give thanks this holiday? 

Merry Christmas and dance on, BSU.

- Tommy Lippman

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