Hello and happy Friday eve to all of my friends,

Summer went out with a bang and threw some shade as it left (literally because we got shaded out by the eclipse), but I am so happy that the school year has kicked off, and I am back in potato land with just over 22,000 of my friends. So here we are, in the third week of school, or as I’d like to call it, the third week funk- because I am trying to get back into a routine of things, which is kind of like training a heard of cats, aka not happening.

But you know what is happening? APPLICATIONS!! We are so excited to grow our team and spread all of the love we can by bringing together and inspiring our community, with the passion and drive that YOU all have inside of your hearts and your minds. Formerly known as FTK, the application for The Krew (AND MORALE) has been released. This is a new format and a tier system that works with you and your time obligations and how invested you want to be.

  • The 3 tiered system goes like this:
    • TOP “Miracle Makers”:
      • A right hand and go to for Exec
        • Will be asked to be at all things and work alongside exec team Leader to make sure events run smoothly throughout the year
    • TOP “MORALE”:
      • Learn overall morale dance that will be taught at THE event,
        • Lead flash mobs that will happen throughout the year
        • Bring your spunk and excitement
      • Send texts to dancers
    • MIDDLE “DreaMTeam”:
      • Attend give back nights and fundraising events throughout the year
      • Attend tabling events
      • Help with chalking
    • BOTTOM “Playmakers”:
      • Month/Week/Day of helpers. WE NEED YOU!

If this is something you are on the fence about, take a leap and hear me out: Dance Marathon has changed the way I do everything- the way I think, the way I interact, the way I love and the way I believe. Dance Marathon has brought me to my closest friends, while continuing to build friendships and create a bond between people who love with their whole hearts. Dance Marathon is a team of students who believe in something bigger than themselves, that fight for the tiny hero’s who fight every single day for their own lives. Dance Marathon is something the tiny hero’s believe in and hold near and dear to their hearts so that they can make it to the next one. Dance Marathon is second to none in their hearts, just as it is in mine. I hope you will join us, and bring your bright love, strong emotion, and encouraging drive to this organization.


We can’t wait for you, Boise State,

For the kids,