Hey fellow DMers and all who support the kids! First of all, thanks to everyone who came out to the homecoming parade! We had a blast and loved sharing our passion for helping the kids with the Boise State community. I am beyond excited to write this, because on Wednesday, November 14th, we are officially 100 DAYS from the big day!! This is BIG news. With this being said, we are launching our campaign for the year: #StepUpForTheKids. You might read that and be wondering to yourself: “What does step up for the kids even mean?”. Well, let me help you out! #StepUpForTheKids has multiple meanings behind it. The main goal of this campaign is to bring our supporters, believers, and friends together to step up for the kids! Using the campaign’s hashtag, #StepUpForTheKids, will bring all of our social media posts together and provide something to look back on for years to come.

With 100 days coming up on the 14th, you might also be wondering if we are doing anything to celebrate. Wonder no more, because the list below will tell you everything you need to know!

  • DM in the Quad, 10am-2pm

    • Make sure your Venmo balance is loaded because we will have DM Swag for purchase!

      • Don’t miss your chance on water bottles, stickers, shirts, hats, and more!

    • KISS FM will be our DJ

    • St. Luke’s Children’s (They are bringing an ambulance!!)

  • Night Out with the Steelheads, 7:10pm - $15

  • Register HERE for our big day if you haven’t yet!

  • If you are registered, blast your fundraising link (donor drive) all over social media and aim to raise $100 on 100 Days!

    • Click HERE to see what items donations can go to!

Another exciting event we have coming up is our annual Formal For The Kids, or FFTK. This will be a fun night featuring dinner, a live band, and messages from our kiddos and their families. Come dine and celebrate the kids with us. Check out the details below, or click HERE to see our flyer!

  • DATE: December 4, 2018

  • TIME: 7pm-10pm

  • LOCATION: SUB, Simplot BD

  • ATTIRE: Semi-Formal

  • TICKETS: On sale NOW!

    • $20 or $17 w/student ID - Venmo @stlukeskids with subject: “Your Name”, “Your Date’s Name” (if purchasing for someone else) and “FFTK”

As a person who is entering their fourth and final Dance Marathon event, I am here to tell you that fundraising isn’t easy. I am also here to tell you that every penny is worth it when we hold up those numbers on February 23rd, 2019 at 8am. NOW is the time to ask your parents, grandparents, relatives, coworkers, bosses, baristas, and anyone else you can think of to help you reach your goal! Make small goals starting today to achieve and surpass your goal by the big day in February. It may be overwhelming right now, but if you starting asking around and getting small donations here and there, you will be surprised how fast it all adds up! Myself, along with the rest of the Exec team believes in you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to any of us for help with fundraising, because we’re all doing this together, as one big DM family. To find the Executive Team contact information, go to the CONTACT tab at the top of the website, click EXEC, and find a list of pictures, job descriptions, and email addresses. On November 14th, you will have just 100 more days to help us raise a record $208,000 and be part of Boise State DM history. Work hard for the kids, because together we can all #StepUpForTheKids and give them more birthdays, holidays, Dance Marathons, and better tomorrows.

Always FTK,

Duncan Robertson