It is a quarter to 10 and here I am more antsy than I have been all year. The number of times I have had to hit the delete button, because my hands are so shaky is UNREAL. I can’t help but imagine all of the new friends we will make tomorrow. All of the laughs that will be shared. All of the smiles that will be seen. I can’t wait to see the WORST dance moves ever, (Marcus that was a direct shoutout to you, my friend). I can’t wait to go the extra mile, because WE can.

Tomorrow’s page for your life story is going to be painted SO bright (a little birdy told me you’re going to be BEAMING with color) you will become the most inspiring people to our tiny friends. Remember that this event is more than one big GIANT dance party (which, hello of course it is) but it is also a milestone for our miracle kiddos. This marks ANOTHER year they are able to celebrate life, ANOTHER year they get to come and dance with YOU. This a MIRACLE MILESTONE.

If passion, love and excitement were something that could be tangibly measured, Boise State would be THICC (with 2 c’s) in a plethora of red hearts, the brightest most messy sparkles and the BIGGEST smiles known to man- we would be overpowering this University with HOPE.

Tonight we will be preparing for YOU, Boise State. Tonight, we will join hands and hearts as we continue to embark on this journey, multiplying our strengths and efforts to ensure our FAVORITE little hero’s and our new BEST friends are more than set for TOMORROWS BIG adventure.

I hope you push yourselves TODAY. I hope you ask people to help you help the kids. I hope today, you keep in mind all of the little hearts, the little hands and the little lives that you are raising money for. You aren’t raising money for a T-shirt and dinner, you are raising money so that someday our tiny hero friends can grow up and follow in your footsteps.

We can’t wait for you, Boise State, let's do it. 

For The Kids,