As I am still at a loss for words over the excitement, emotion, inspiration, love and whole-hearted investment that you all gave to us- I will do my best to describe the exact feeling that was presented after a night full of dancing, laughing, singing and celebrating wit over 600 of the students at Boise State University!

Watching a room full of yellow, blue, and pink swirls, laugh, play and become friends with the same kiddos that I fell in love with three years ago is indescribable, it’s beautiful and pure. When the clock struck 10, and we formed a tunnel to send our miracle kiddos on their merry way, I was overwhelmed with the hope, love and passion that was visibly showing from each and every one of you. Tears streamed from my eyes, as if they were a waterfall. Seeing each and every one of the kiddos who interacted and played with you, grinning from ear to ear is what this is about- this is for the memories, this is for the milestones.

Thank you for continuously dancing throughout the night, even when your feet were aching, and your body was telling you to stop. The dedication that was shown was something out of the ordinary. You showed strength and battled throughout the night- just as a number of the kids at the St. Luke’s Children’s hospital do on a daily basis. Whatever your reasons, whoever your why may be for, you did it- and for that we are grateful.

Thank you for hearing us out when we shared our WHY’s, thank you for getting on the stage and showing us all that you’ve got, thank you for going to jail and bailing people out, thank you for riding the bull, thank you for buying swag. Thank you for laughing with us and standing with us throughout the night- but more importantly thank you for believing in us, and in yourself. We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you.

I look forward to the days when I see a tie-dye shirt walking around campus, and I hope that you wear it proudly! You were able to help save a life and that is your tangible recognition for doing so. It is more than an alight dance party, you were part of a movement.

To each and every single donor- T H A N K  Y O U, we could not have done it without your support.

To the kids- this one is for you. Here is to more tomorrows and more milestones.

To the Seniors- thank you for dancing alongside us for your last year at Boise State, we are so honored to have you as part of our story and we hope that Dance Marathon was able to add a splash of color to your story. We wish you the best of luck and know you will do great things!

To the Juniors- as you are ending your third year and getting ready for your last and final year in college, we hope to see you one last time a year from now. We hope you will stick with us and continue making miracles happen. Enjoy your last few months, because before you know it you will be doing things for one last time.

To the Sophomores- you believed in us last year and came back stronger than ever this year, and for that we are grateful. We hope to see you as your passion grows stronger and your spark ignites brighter for the future.

To the Freshmen- you came, you danced, you experienced, you made an impact, and you believed. Thank you for listening to what others had to say about Dance Marathon and coming to experience it for yourself, we hope it lived up to all of your expectations. We hope you fell in love with the movement, just as each of us did throughout our time at Boise State 

 I am still at a loss for words (and voice), from the support and dedication that you all showed us throughout the night. Seeing the numbers as they read $203,837.18 #FTK is still something that I struggle to take in- hearing the reactions that you all showed was incredible. After re-watching the number of videos and seeing each of your posts, I still struggle to keep my emotions inside- and even this morning as I am writing this and thanking you to the best of my ability, my eyes are overflowing with memories and hope, I am quite choked up and my love for you all has grown immensely. I hope you have recovered well, and are ready to finish your spring semester strong!

We love you Boise State!