Well folks, we’ve officially made it to the final week of DM 2019. One week from today, we will have danced, laughed, cried, ate good food, made new friends, hugged and cheered, and most importantly -- made an impact on kids’ lives that will last forever. At 8 a.m. on Saturday morning, we will turn over some numbers. We have been chasing an ambitious goal of $208,000 all year. Even though we raised $203,000 last year, that is A LOT of money. With that being said, I am confident in this team. I am confident in our miracle makers. I am confident in the community. I am confident in YOU! No matter your contributions this year, please know you’ve made a difference. From freshmen to seniors, $50-4,000 fundraisers, and good to bad dancers, you have been a huge part of this movement!

Join us at Chick-Fil-A on Broadway on Tuesday, February 19 for our final giveback night of the year! Fix that chicken craving with the best there is. Whether it’s an original chicken sandwich, nuggets, or a salad, we can’t wait to have dinner with you!!

There are still five days left to put everything you’ve got into Dance Marathon, because we fight every day for the kids that are fighting a bigger fight than we can ever imagine. Every dancer has their own “WHY”. Whether it’s one of our miracle kiddos at St. Luke’s Children’s, a loved one from back home, or simply because you can -- use that as your motivation! We are still working tirelessly to raise money, register dancers, and bring awareness to the biggest movement on campus. Here are a few fundraising and registration tips to use throughout the final five days:

  • Send at least three emails each day to past donors who haven’t donated for DM 2019

  • Talk to five friends, classmates, or coworkers to help them register for the event

    • Tell them to text “208FTK” to 51555 for an easy registration link

  • Skip your daily coffee this week and donate $5 per day to your donor drive or someone who needs it (That’s $25 for coffee Monday - Friday!)

    • If you can’t go without buying coffee, Starbucks on campus offers $1 fill-ups if you bring your own travel cup!!

    • You can make up for your lack of coffee at DM … we have TWO coffee companies coming this year!!

    • Your Keurig or Mr. Coffee will do the trick for a week!

  • Offer to jumpstart your friends fundraising by donating $5 for them signing up

  • Venmo request a dollar or two from your generous friends!

The Executive Team, Morale, and Feet in the Street continue to work behind the scenes to make everything for day-of the best it can be. Our goal every year is to put on a bigger and better event than the previous year. We can only do that with YOUR help. Now is the time! Raise every dollar you can. Register every person you talk to.

Together, we are one generation fighting for the next. The kids who are just one mile down the street rely on people like us. We will continue fighting each year, because we know the impact Boise State Dance Marathon has on these kids, families, and our community. THANK YOU for your support, participation, generosity, and involvement in this movement. Every person is valuable regardless of the role you play. We can’t wait to dance with over 700 of our closest friends, and laugh, cry, and cheer because we know we gave it all we had for 17 hours.

Get ready Boise State, because in less than FIVE days we will embark on our 17 hour-long journey that feels like the best day of the year to many of us: Dance Marathon. Contact the Exec Team on boisestate.com with any questions you have! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (@boisestatedm) to stay tuned for all details leading up to Friday. LET’S DO THIS!

For the kids,

Duncan Robertson