One month, and counting, until we are all back together in Bronco Nation, a place where we are bonded by bleeding blue and honoring orange. A place where grass doesn’t grow green, but rather blue. A place where we stand tall with passion, alongside our friends who have turned into family.

As I sit and fumble around with the words that are leaving my fingertips to write this, and try not to get all emotional and teary eyed, all I am able to do is giggle and laugh. Thinking about all of the memories that have been created with some of the strongest people on this planet, the ones who have gone through more in their lifetime than most of us will ever have to experience. The Kids, or as I like to call them, the tiny super humans who are stronger than Superman or Wonderwoman could ever be. They are the heroes we all look up to, even if we have to squat down to do it.

Dance Marathon is so much more than a fundraiser. Dance Marathon is about relationships. Relationships with the kids, with our peers, with parents and siblings. It is relationships with our community and our school. Dance Marathon is inspiring, to us and it is inspiring to students and people throughout the country. Dance Marathon is one generation fighting for the next.

A lot can happen in 17 hours, and that’s no joke; questionable dance moves will be performed, songs will be sung, hands will be held, stories will be told- the good ones that require and immense amount of imagination, and ones that require an immense amount of hope. In 17 hours we are able to experience what is not tangible, emotions range from high to low, 17 hours will give you the inspiration to be inspired.

I am excited to embark on this upcoming journey with those who have danced alongside us before, and would like to offer the warmest welcome to all of the new Broncos who will dance alongside us this year. We dance for the champions at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital, we dance for Boise State and we dance for you.


We can’t wait for you, Boise State


For The Kids


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