With 80 days on the clock, Dance Marathon took last week to look deeper into the heart of its endeavor. The time to focus on the promise Dance Marathon is making to Boise State and to the children of St. Luke’s, is now. Drawing inspiration from a gripping presentation by Alex Sheen of because I said I would, Dance Marathon examines its commitment to our cause moving forward. Every member of the Dance Marathon organization is bound to a common goal, the challenge and commitment of raising $80,000 for the children of St. Luke’s Hospital and to provide the night of a lifetime for the 16 champions of Dance Marathon. But linking Dance Marathon to a common goal is only the first step in materializing $80,000. In striving to achieve this lofty goal, accountability becomes DM’s greatest asset.

We’ve asked ourselves: Why do we dance? Is it for the kids, for ourselves, or the pure sake of dancing 17 hours straight? All of these questions challenge our dedication to the cause. However, the promise binding us together, the answer that makes us dance, the reason we do it for the kids, simply put, is because we said we would.

So, this is our promise to you: the reader, the dancer, the participant, the face of Boise State and the backbone of Dance Marathon. We promise to raise $80,000 for St. Luke’s Hospital and the champions of Dance Marathon. Why? Because we said we would, without compromise. But, we can’t raise this money alone. For every member of Dance Marathon making the promise to raise $80,000, we need YOU to make the same commitment. Some may argue that leadership is a position, we argue that it is a choice. As Dance Marathon challenges itself to lead this mission for the children of St. Luke’s, we ask you to also make the choice to lead the community in this endeavor towards $80,000. Together, we can make a difference for ourselves, for Boise State, and most importantly - For The Kids.

because I said I would.

- Tommy Lippman